Uses and Benefits of Dental Lasers

At Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill, we want ensure our patients, your children, have a happy and rewarding visit to our office. Visiting the dentist can be scary and overwhelming for some children. In order to help them feel at ease we have begun using a dental laser to help provide a pain free dental visit. Below are some of the uses for dental lasers and their benefits to help you understand why we use them.

Dental Laser Uses

The light emitted from a laser can remove or shape tissue, making it an effective tool in the following procedures:

  • Reshaping gum tissue that has overgrown due to certain medications
  • Reshaping and removing bone and gum tissue during crown lengthening procedures
  • Removing inflamed gum tissue
  • Removing muscle attachments that restrict tongue or lip movement
  • Reducing the discomfort from cold sores and cankers
  • Removing small amounts of tooth enamel
  • Preparing tooth enamel for composite bonding
  • Repairing certain worn-down fillings

These are just a few of the procedures they are effective at performing!

Dental Laser Benefits

What our patients like most about laser procedures is that our lasers may be used in place of drills or anesthesia, minimizing discomfort and recovery times. According to the  Consumer Guide to Dentistry, bleeding is more controlled in laser procedures, thus lessening the need for sutures. Less damage to the surrounding tissue means healing times are faster than with traditional treatments. And, bacteria are reduced significantly at the surgical site because the laser’s light beam sterilizes the area, limiting chances of infection.

You will find our office to be a pleasant and caring environment. We know a positive experience can set the tone for your child’s future dental health. That is why our office has been designed to be “kid friendly”. Even more importantly, our pediatric dentists and professional staff have dedicated their careers to helping children. We establish trust with your child by creating a safe and happy place for them to be. The latest in dental technology is combined with genuine compassion and concern.

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