Parents Helping to Promote Successful Dental Visits

Parents Can Help!

While most times its best for parents to sit in the waiting area during their child’s dental exams, having parents present during a dental exam can be a huge advantage, especially for new patient exams, emergency visits, and treating very young children or special needs children. Successful dental visits every time using these easy tips:

  • Pick up parent education materials in advance of appointments or while booking following appointments on how to prepare your child for a dental visit.
  • Stay busy during your child’s visit. Use the down time to catch up with reading materials, social media or even just relaxing. If you’re feeling antsy the dental staff may offer you a tour of their office or help you review materials received during your child’s visit.
  • Sitting out of your child’s line of sight and as far away from the action as possible, will help you relax and help your child stay present during their examination.
  • Don’t talk to, move or touch your child during their appointment.  Your child may sense your anxiety and find the visit more stressful
  • You may be asked to help with the visit, but do so only if asked.
  • Recognize that your expectations may differ from the dentist or dental staff needs. Parents typically accompany their children into such health care settings as the pediatrician’s office and are expected to physically assist with care but not so much at the dentist.
  • Always ask questions if you don’t know or are curious about expectations.

Sometimes the best way to help during your child’s dental visit is by not helping at all. Take the time to relax and let your child bond with the dentist and staff. They’ve got this!


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