Learn About Four Types of Teeth

Most people know there are different types of teeth in a persons mouth, but do you know what they are and what they are for? Teeth help you bite and chew food, but they also help you speak and support your facial structure. There are four main types of teeth in your mouth and several rarer teeth than can also occur.


Incisors help you speak and form words. They give structure to your lips and mouth. You have eight incisors in your mouth. Four on the top and four on the bottom. They are the thin strainght teeth you see when you smile.


Canine teeth help you tear into food and they also help to support the lips and mouth. You have four canine teeth. Dental professionals call them cuspids. They are the pointy sharp teeth on each side of your incisors. The canine teeth also help to guide your teeth into the proper place when you are biting down.


Next to your canines or cuspids are premolars or as dental professional call them bicuspids. You have eight premolars in your mouth, two next to the cuspids, so four on top and four on bottom. Premolars help to maintain the height of your face but their flat top makes them perfect for chewing food.


Molars are your largest flattest teeth. They sit next to your premolars. You have 3 next to each premolar, 6 in the lower jaw, six in the top jaw, with a total of twelve all together.  They also help maintain face shape and help with chewing. Lower molars have two roots, whereas upper molars have three roots.

You also have wisdom teeth which professionals call the ‘fourth molar’. Wisdom teeth can be hard to reach when cleaning and because they come in later in teen years can have crowding issues that lead to impaction.

Next week we’ll take a look at other more rare teeth formations!

Reference: colgate.com

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