Dental Visits Focusing on Fun

Focusing on Fun

A visit to the dentist can be a frightening time for kids. From hearing stories of tooth extractions and fillings on the playground, to mirroring their parent’s own anxieties, your child may become quite resistant to a visit to the dental office. Avoiding dentistry for kids because of their fears, or yours, is not a good option. According to a report by the United States Surgeon General, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease affecting children today. The impact of childhood oral disease is huge. Children in the United States lose more than 51 million school hours to dental-related absences. Getting past the fear and visiting the dentist regularly is important for the physical and social health of your child. Learn how you can change fear by focusing on fun!

Focusing on the Positives

Don’t wait until there are signs of a cavity before taking your child to the dentist for the first time. Begin regular dental checkups with your child early to catch any possible problems with your child’s emerging teeth. Doing so will get your child become accustomed to visiting the dentist’s office, making it as a positive place where they learn how to properly brush and floss and get their teeth shined up.

If you have waited until there is a possible issue, your visit to the dentist can still be focused on the positive aspects of the visit. Explain to your child that the tooth needs to be fixed, and that the dentist or dental hygienist will teach them how to keep their other teeth from having the same problem. The promise of a small reward after the appointment can also make them look toward the experience with anticipation rather than trepidation.

Never Use the Dentist as a Threat

It is easy to try to curb your child’s sweet tooth or overcome their resistance to brushing or flossing with warnings like “The dentist will have to pull out all your teeth if you keep that up!” Using the dentist as a threat can only increase your child’s anxiety about appointments, and that anxiety can follow them well into their adult lives, with major repercussions for their oral health.

At Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill we Look Forward To Welcoming You And Your Child…

You will find our office to be a pleasant and caring environment. We know a positive experience can set the tone for your child’s future dental health. That is why our office has been designed to be “kid friendly”. Even more importantly, our pediatric dentists and professional staff have dedicated their careers to helping children. We establish trust with your child by creating a safe and happy place for them to be. The latest in dental technology is combined with genuine compassion and concern.

We are open Monday through Saturday and offer appointments as early as 7:30am

The first checkup is recommended at the first birthday. Our patients generally stay with us until they graduate high school. We are proud to say we are now seeing the children of former patients, as the practice was established in 1973 by Dr. Robert Harmon.

We have 24 hour coverage for our patient’s dental emergencies. There is a pediatric dentist on call at all times. Should you need after hours advice or emergency care, simply dial our telephone number and our message will direct you.

Are we accepting new patients? Yes, absolutely! We are happy to welcome new patients to our practice and we appreciate your referring your friends and family to us.

This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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