BeWaRe of MoUtH MoNsTeRs

Halloween is known for monsters! Most people aren’t aware aware of the Mouth Monsters though! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the leading authority on children’s oral health, wants to help everyone avoid the Mouth Monsters this Halloween.

Sweets can impact teeth in different ways! Some sweets  can be better or worse for your children’s smiles. Avoiding chewy or sticky candies like caramels, gummies and sour candies that can stick on your teeth. there are better treats for your children including milk chocolate, pretzels and crackers. The best choices for sweets are dark chocolate or sugar-free gums. Non-food alternatives are also a great treat for something a little different at Halloween. Things like little books, stickers, rub-on tattoos, small toys, pencils or key chains can be a fun alternative to sweets.

Set limits to your child’s sweet intake. before during and after Halloween! Letting them know ahead of time what the expectations are will help keep everyone on the same page. Setting limits to how many and what types of sweets are OK will make things much easier for everyone when Halloween rolls around. Letting your child upgrade their candy with a “buy back” program after Halloween for a toy or clothing of their choice is a great way to curb sugar intake.

Never forget to have your child floss and brush before going to bed! And not just for Halloween! Swishing with water after consuming Halloween sweets will also help lesson the chance of Mouth Monsters. These tips will help to keep the Mouth Monsters away this Halloween!


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