Be Prepared For Your Child’s Dental Visit

First Dental Visit

Parents want to be prepared for every new experience their child will have. First dental visits are an important experience your child will have. There are many things a parent can do to make their child’s first dental visit a positive experience.

If you, the parent, have had negative dental experiences, it may be easy to unwittingly create nervous and anxious children towards their dental visits. Parents who feel anxious or nervous with dental visits may need to change their mindset. Its easy to lace soothing messages with hints of your own fears and anxiety.

Setting a Good Example

Most children are curious and even excited for dental visits and like to know what the dentist is doing and how they do things. Being honest with yourself about your own anxieties and being aware that you are not passing those on to your child will benefit both of you! Your presence is support enough for your child and should be a part of the routine until the age of 4, especially for restorative appointments.

Pre-treatment Meetings

Meeting with a dentist before your child’s appointment can provide you with directions and guidelines if you wish to accompany your child during treatment. You will learn how to provide moral support and to maintain a low, calm voice. Supporting the dentist as the authority figure during procedures will be your role. It is also important to have the same parent accompany your child during each sequential visit for restorative appointments. A parent’s positive presence during your child’s first dental visit will empower them to a lifetime of positive dental experiences!


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