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where your child can feel at home

Established in 1973, we are a family-oriented office that prides ourselves on providing the best children’s dental care in a fun and comforting environment. With a focus on gentle and positive experiences, we set each child on the path to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles!

Meet Dr. Helen Mo

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Hi! I’m originally from Georgia, but made the big move to the West Coast for residency to join my husband, who I met in dental school. I became a pediatric dentist simply because I LOVE kids! It is a privilege and an honor to serve such a precious group of individuals. My mission is to treat every child who steps into our office with the same compassion and quality of care that I would for my own family. Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill is a family-run business, operated by my husband Allan and me.


Outside of being a pediatric dentist, I am a mother of two, Olivia and Cameron. We love to explore the Bay Area together! I look forward to getting to know your family as we navigate the journey of parenthood together.

Profile picture of Dr. Helen Mo standing in front of the UCSF Dental Clinic, where she volunteers for a clinic that sees patients with special needs

A Letter from Dr. Helen

Dear Our Families, 


We express our condolences with the passing of our dearest Dr. Amybeth Harmon. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your child.


Amybeth was my first employer and one of my first mentors. I always admired her positive energy, her big heart, and her endless generosity with her patients, family, and community. It is an honor that the Harmon family has entrusted me and my husband to continue their legacy. I hope that with time, the both of us can build similar relationships with your family and our surrounding communities.


Though your child may be seeing a different dentist, all of our wonderful staff members will be familiar faces greeting you. Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Joanna are also both available for appointments. Our team promises to honor Amybeth by continuing to treat our patients like family, in a welcoming environment, with the highest level of quality care -- just like she did. We want every child to feel comfortable during their appointment. 


If your child would like to meet me prior to their appointment, you can schedule a “fun visit” just to swing by the office and say “hi!” If you have any specific concerns, I would also be happy to chat over the phone at your convenience. I am here for your family as we make this transition together. My goal is for your child to continue creating positive memories in our office.


If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to call our office.

We are here to support you in whatever way you need.


With love, Dr. Helen

Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill Kid Friendly Office with Convenient access and parking for parents

Our Services

first visit

Our doctors and team are highly experienced in providing a positive first dental experience for kids of all ages, abilities, and medical complexities. We use a gentle and stress-free approach to keep your child comfortable during their entire visit.


During your child's routine check up and cleaning, we take the time to teach healthy habits, while making the experience fun, so your child builds dental skills that will last a lifetime. We help your child learn how to keep their teeth cavity-free.


We offer comprehensive dental care with a wide range of treatment options based on your family's unique needs. For the anxious child, we offer nitrous oxide, sedation dentistry, and in office general anesthesia with a pediatric MD anesthesiologist.


Our in-house orthodontist will provide a complimentary consult for our patients. We use the latest technology, and we offer traditional braces & clear aligners. Our goal is to create a beautiful smile for your child, with the highest convenience.

What Sets Us Apart

The Highest Quality of Care that You Can Trust

High Quality Kids Dental Care that you can trust
Highly Trained and Specialized Pediatric Dentists Board Certified Special Needs Dentistry

Skilled and Exceptionally Trained  Doctors

Accommodating for All Children with special needs, different abilities, anxious children, and medical complexities


for All Children

Individualized compassionate dental care for kids Convenience and comfort for familie

A Compassionate and

Personalized Experience for Your Family

A Caring Team with

Decades of Experience 

A Caring Team with Decades of Experience
Evidence Based Dentistry and Latest Technology for Kids

Evidence Based Dentistry and the Latest Technology

Celebrating 50 years of Happy Patients

Tooth Fairy

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Joanna Meekay

Dr. Joanna Meekay

Board certified

pediatric dentist

allan wang orthodontist for children teens and adults

Dr. Allan Wang

Orthodontist for Children, Teens, and Adults

stephen long medical pediatric anesthesiologist board certified

Dr. Steve Long

Board certified pediatric medical anesthesiologist

Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill sun shining over the hills and trees branding design
Toothbrush next to a dentoform

Having Dr. Helen join the family and with her extensive knowledge and really understanding how to help those who really need that extra special touch, it has provided a safe place for my 6 yo special needs daughter. Dr. Helen is a true blessing! She is passionate about helping children like Addison. I don't know what else any parent/caregiver could possibly want! It will be devastating to leave when my children get older.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about the dentists and staff at PH Pediatric Dentistry! If you have a special needs child, you will not have to look any further. They have the best team/family and treat my children as if they were theirs.

cute teeth wallpaper dental background

I am so thankful for the wonderful treatment my two children have received  over the past ten years. The staff are always kind, down to earth, and most importantly have put my ten-year-old and four-year-olds interests first. Through great guidance, my children have healthy mouths, healthy mindsets about how to care for themselves, and actually think it’s an okay thing to go to the dentist. I am a true believer that you get what you pay for.

toothbrush with toothpaste in heart shape cute dental wallpaper background

I can’t sing the praises of each individual at Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill. I brought my four year old daughter on for work she could not get done at her primary ped dentist and I was shocked at how night and day each practice was. We were welcomed in to a bright and warm waiting room by their amazing receptionist. Then once we were brought in to the main office we received a walk through of each room. My daughter who is typically nervous and skeptical was reassured very fast that she was in a safe and fun place. I highly recommend this office not just for the amazing dentistry work they do but also for their physical office and all who work there. 5-stars!

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