Zirconia White Dental Crowns for Kids

Zirconia white dental crowns are a highly esthetic and durable stainless steel crown alternative now available in pediatric dentistry. Until recently, children in need of  white dental crowns did not have the cosmetic dental options available to adults, however, with the introduction of pediatric white zirconia crowns, children are now able to have tooth restoration which looks so natural that even their parents can’t tell the difference between the crown and the natural teeth.

Zirconia Use in Dentistry

Zirconia has been used in medical procedures, such as hip replacements, for many years due to its biocompatibility and strength. Recognizing the many benefits of zirconia, the dental industry began to utilize it in the early 2000’s for adult dental procedures such as:

  • Endodontic posts
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Implant abutments

In 2010, zirconia became available for use by pediatric dentists, taking restoration of damaged primary teeth to a new level. Zirconia is the strongest, non-metal material available for dental crowns today and creates a tooth restoration that is virtually undetectable.

Pediatric Dental Restoration with White Zirconia Dental Crowns

Children may need a dental crown due to:

  • Damaged, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Improper tooth development
  • Significant dental decay

In severe cases of early childhood caries (ECC), or cavities, a tooth may be too damaged to be repaired with a simple filling. A crown can be used to protect the tooth from the breakage that can occur during the filling procedure. Oftentimes in such cases, decay has affected an anterior (front) tooth and esthetics is a genuine concern, as teasing can become an issue when crowns are necessary on front teeth.

White zirconia dental crowns are made from solid monolithic zirconia ceramic which does not discolor, chip, or break down over time. The zirconia crowns are digitally pre-made and produced in varying sizes. The crown process involves removing the decayed or damaged area, then preparing the remaining tooth for crown placement. Your pediatric dentist can choose the appropriate tooth-colored zirconia crown which will seamlessly blend in with your child’s other teeth.

Zirconia crowns can be placed in one office visit rather than the process of placing a temporary crown and waiting for the permanent one to arrive and scheduling a second appointment.

Other white zirconia dental crown benefits include:

  • Esthetically superior to other crown options
  • Impermeable to staining
  • Unmatched durability (will not chip or break down as resin strip or pre-veneered crowns can)
  • Non-metal
  • Biocompatible (gentle on the gum tissue)
  • Plaque and decay resistant

While white zirconia crowns are an excellent option in most cases, they may not be an appropriate choice in patients with:

  • Space loss
  • Significant crowding
  • Insufficient tooth structure remaining
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)

The process of placing a pediatric zirconia crown is typically more comfortable for our patients than other dental crown options since no dental impressions are necessary and they are not technique sensitive.

While discovering that your child needs a dental crown can cause some anxiety, having the option of the most aesthetically natural, biocompatible pediatric crown available can put your mind at ease. With state-of-the-art white zirconia crowns, your child’s smile can be natural-looking and beautiful, as well as healthy.

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