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Wiggly Teeth

To pull or not to pull loose baby teeth? That’s a question all parents and caregivers face.

“Baby teeth should be left alone to fall out naturally,” says Dr. Ana Lucia Seminario, The Center’s interim chair. “If these teeth are bothersome, encouraging children to do the pulling themselves would be the first option, as they can better control how much discomfort they can tolerate.”

Eating apples is an easy and stress-free tool to help the wiggly tooth fall. There are some circumstances when consulting with your pediatric dentist is recommended: If the child is experiencing considerable pain or has special care needs (to avoid risk of aspiration) or has permanent teeth coming out in an undesirable position.

“Swallowing a tooth will not cause harm to the child,” says Dr. Seminario. “However, it may be a tooth fairy disappointment.”

source: the center for pediatric dentistry website

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