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What’s so special about pediatric dentists?

Why choose a pediatric dentist? Dentists who specialize in children’s oral health have advanced dental education and experience in child behavior. They dedicate their practice to the diagnosis and treatment of children, including those with special needs. These dental experts and their assistants know how to treat your child! Their first priority is to put their young patients at ease. Guided by body language, facial expressions and words (if the child can verbally communicate), the dental team assesses who needs extra time to adjust to the surroundings.

Children receive lots of praise and explanations. Using the “Tell-Show-Do” technique, the dentist or dental assistant introduces a tool to the child and demonstrates how it’ll be used before the work begins. Answering questions honestly, but with special terms, also helps. For example, the dental team gives “sleepy juice,” not shots, which makes a part of the mouth “feel like your arm or foot is falling asleep.” The saliva suction tool is called Thirsty Charlie. A high-speed drill is Mr. Whistler. The dentist “wiggles the tooth out,” instead of pulling it. Cotton rolls are tooth pillows and fluoride is tooth vitamins. Starting regular dental checkups from age 1 will make your child a confident, happy dental patient for life.

source: center for pediatric dentistry website

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