What Age Should My Children Start Brushing Their Teeth Themselves?

As a parent you should be brushing and flossing your child’s teeth regularly from the first tooth. Children’s hands lack the coordination to do it properly for themselves. Making sure their teeth are brushed and flossed daily is a big job and one that you’ll be glad you no longer have to do when they are coordinated enough to do it for themselves. So when should your child start brushing their own teeth?

Its Time For Your Child To Brush Their Own Teeth

Typically most children are coordinated enough to do a proper job of brushing their teeth by themselves by the age of 6. However, most children will want to brush their own teeth before then and thats fine! Its good practice for them. Just be sure you are there to do a proper job after they are done. The same with flossing. Its important to remove the plaque build up between their teeth that a brush can’t reach. Even once they start brushing on their own, you’ll want to make sure you are there to see that it gets done properly!

Don’t Forget!

Teaching your child proper brushing technique will be a valuable lesson in caring for their dental health throughout their life. There are many fun shaped and colorful toothbrushes and dental floss holders out there. So have fun with it! Make their tooth brushing time a fun time!

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