Tooth Tip – Traumatic Dental Injuries

Many parents will have to deal with an injury to their child’s mouth at some time. It can be hard to know if the problem is serious or not, so here are some guidelines.

Injuries to the baby teeth occur frequently, especially as children are learning to walk. Most of the time, a bump to the tooth or gums will result in a bruise.  It will feel  better after a couple days. Small chips to the front teeth or small cuts to the gums are very common. These are generally not cause for worry if your child can eat or sleep okay.  Usually no treatment is necessary.

A bigger concern is if the tooth is loosened or come out or has a large piece missing.  If you can see the nerves and blood vessels emerging from the tooth, that’s an issue.  We would like to see your child as soon as possible to determine the best course of action.

Injuries to permanent teeth

Especially the front teeth, are typically more serious. These often happen during sports or PE at school. They can cause real panic to a child or adolescent due to the pain involved and the effect on their appearance. If the tooth has a small chip with no pain or looseness, it is fine to follow up with us at your convenience. However, a tooth with a larger chip exposing the nerve, or one that is loosened or completely knocked out, should be addressed right away. These can result in the eventual loss of the tooth, which can be a lifelong issue. We want your child to keep all their teeth for a lifetime so please call the office as soon as possible so we can maximize the chances of saving the tooth!

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