The Tooth Fairy: Magical Mystical Teacher!

The Tooth Fairy Legend

Celebrating the loss of children’s baby teeth is a tradition celebrated across the planet. The tradition was believed to have been started here in the United States around the turn of the century. The tradition of the Tooth Fairy remained popular throughout the years and today it is a chance for many parents to have fun and get creative with the loss of their child’s baby teeth.

Every family has a preferred tradition of what the Tooth Fairy does for a lost tooth. Some give money, small gifts or treats. Some give more money for certain teeth than others! But no matter what your Tooth Fairy looks like or acts like, no matter when they visit, every family has difficulty determining how much to give or what to give AND should the gifts be based on the loss of a tooth or how well the child cares for them? When the Tooth Fairy visits, what do you put under the pillow?

When Your Child Loses a Tooth

For a child, having lost a tooth is a really big deal! A right of passage, of sorts, for them! No matter how you choose to celebrate it, whether its putting the tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy and leaving money or a gift, the first tooth will set a precedent for the following teeth!

Making This Rite of Passage a Lesson for Life

There are many things you can do to celebrate your child loosing their teeth. Making this rite of passage memorable for your child is an opportunity to also make it a lesson for life! Younger children may not appreciate the gift of money as much as older kids. Special gifts, like toys, books or treats are always welcome too! Tickets for a special outing to the science center, a movie or the zoo are also a fun way to involve the entire family. But taking this opportunity to incorporate the need for proper dental care is an easy way to teach the lifelong lesson of caring for their mouths.


The magic and mystery of the Tooth Fairy is something most of us adults grew up with, but how many of our parents took the time to incorporate proper dental hygiene into the equation? You can come up with all kinds of ways the Tooth Fairy will visit your child and what they will get from her! But what if you were to use the Tooth Fairy to teach proper dental health by making healthy and cared for teeth worth more than the teeth that aren’t? Teeth that are white and healthy with no fillings would obviously be worth more than teeth that are yellowed or have fillings. Try using a report card that is left under the pillow to show the Tooth Fairy just how well your child has been brushing and flossing teeth twice a day! Or have the Tooth Fairy leave a note stating “the rules” of good dental care and what it takes to get more profitable visits from the Tooth Fairy.

Making Tooth Loss Special

No matter the situation, whether its from natural causes or accidental, losing a tooth can be a great way to teach your child the value of caring for their teeth and mouths. Accidental loss, happens well – accidentally! And whether your child loses a tooth from a fall on the playground or rough-housing at the water fountain, this type of loss can be more traumatic. It can also be a great chance to teach valuable life lessons and therefore may also require the Tooth Fairy leaving a bit more money or a larger gift or treat! (wink wink)

The Tooth Fairy is a great chance to not only create great memories for your child, but to teach them great lessons too. Have fun with it! Your kids are only kids once!


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