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What People Are Saying About Pediatric Dentistry Of Pleasant Hill

Wow. Anyone that can make going to the dentist feel like Disneyland to a 3-year-old has my vote.  Man, if I got a balloon, stickers and a coloring book for getting tartar scraped, I’d go every month. The facilities are cleverly set up to have positive distractions throughout. The Harmons and their staff are phenomenal with kids. My toddler sat perfectly still with each xray and during the main service. She even made up her own teethbrushing song on the drive home. - TANYA P.
(East Bay, CA)

We are second generation patients. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! My daughter was a patient of Dr. Robert Harmon and now my grandchildren (3) are patients of Dr. Amy Beth (his daughter). My daughter was 20 before she left there and went to an adult dentist. She loved it there. The grandchildren too, actually look forward to going. Recently after their checkups they were each given a substantial sized pumpkin at their office pumpkin patch. These fun things are great to encourage the kids to have fun there, but most important, they love the doctors and the dental assistants. They are all super caring and gentle. The doctors are into prevention. The grandkids started going at age one. Only one has had a cavity and had the filling painlessly. It was a good experience for him. The billing department people are very conscientious too to help with insurance issues. Wow have things changed since I was a kid when I went to a regular dentist. Thank goodness for Specialists! - Irene C.


I’ve been bringing my kids for just over 5 years now.  Each experience was as good as the last.  This is true despite some teeth removals and fillings.  They came recommended from our “adult” dentist and it was worthwhile advice.  The kids are treated like princes and princesses.  They are rewarded every step of the way: balloons, stickers, tiny toys.  I am sure the idea is that the dental trip is a fun event.  We have found the staff to be pleasant.  They are working, not kissing your behind.  The doctors and assistants; however, treat the kids well and age-appropriate. - Steve D.
(East Bay)