Preventative dental care for kids

Preventative dental care for kids

Check out this new cartoon kid’s video on Preventative dental care for children! . Siblings Henry and Wendy are going back to the dentist and Wendy is happy this time. She now knows that (see going to the dentist for the first time) going to the dentist can be a lot of fun. They’re at the dentist for their six month preventative dental care appointment. You and your child can join them on their dental adventure. It will leave you and your child feeling more comfortable with the ongoing process of keeping teeth healthy!

This video will help prepare your child for ongoing preventative dental appointments. They’ll learn the importance of the preventative dental care that happens both at the dental office and at home. They’ll be shown how the dentist cleans their teeth to get rid of “bacteria monsters”, looks for spots that aren’t getting brushed well enough, and gives them great smelling breath. Of course at the end, once they have been brave, they get to choose a prize from the treasure chest.

Preventative dental care is a much needed part of your child’s overall health. How they take care of their teeth now will impact the quality of their future teeth. Even if they only have baby teeth it’s important that they develop good habits now.

If you’re like most parents with young children, preventative dental care at home can be a challenge. Perhaps you’re having difficulty convincing your children to brush and floss their teeth. Maybe your child is too young to practice preventative dental care at home on their own and you feel guilty when you don’t follow up with your child in this area. This children’s video is a great way to encourage both you and your child to work together so that they can have strong, clean, and healthy teeth!

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