Pediatric Dental Care and its Importance

Pediatric Dental Care

There is no better time than now to practice oral hygiene with your children! Pediatric dental care ensures your child’s primary teeth are kept healthy and free from decay and dental diseases. It also sets your child up for a lifetime of properly caring for their teeth!

Good Oral Hygiene Introduction

Even if you are nursing or bottle feeding, its a good idea to start some type of oral health regime now. Wiping down their gums, before teeth begin to erupt, with a soft washcloth after meals is an essential start to good dental hygiene. Using the right tools once teeth begin to appear is also very important. Toothbrushes designed specifically for tiny mouths have a much smaller head than a normal brush.

A first dental visit is advised by the time your child turns one or two years of age. Your Pediatric Dentist will remove plaque or debris that builds up, helping to keep your child’s teeth healthy. This will help bacteria from continuing to grow and prevent dental diseases such as decay or inflammation of the gum tissue. Regular visits to the Pediatric dentist can be a fun adventure that yields some “tooth-friendly’ rewards!

Expert Care Tips

Your Pediatric Dentist will provide professional tips on how to care for your child’s teeth at home. These tips will include the proper way to brush and to floss teeth regularly. It will also include additional information based on your child’s dental condition and habits.

Speaking of habits, your Pediatric Dentist will address your child’s eating habits and what a healthy diet looks like to protect your child’s teeth. They should stay away from foods rich sugars and starches. Additionally they should never go to sleep while nursing or with juice or milk in their bottles.

Your child’s primary teeth are very important! Their developmental stages are imperative to the future dental health. Early childhood dental care is an excellent guide for your child as they mature.

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