Nutrition Guide: Keeping Children’s Oral Health Up to Par!

Children’s overall well-being is much dependent on their dental health. Oral diseases, which can occur due to neglect, can affect the children’s daily lives. Therefore, parents must be certain to provide their children with proper oral care. Believe it or not, good oral care doesn’t begin and end in the dentist’s chair. It starts right in your kitchen with a nutritious diet.

The types of food you let your children eat directly affect their long-term dental condition. For instance, too much sugar, carbohydrates, or starches can breed bacteria when left for too long on the teeth after a meal. As any reliable pediatric dentistry expert will tell you, watching over your children’s diet can do wonders to their oral health.

Lean Meats and Nuts

Chicken, white fish, turkey, and other lean meats are rich in protein, which is great for strengthening tooth enamel. These will help protect the teeth from being easily broken. Nuts are a good snack as well. Not only are they good for the oral health, they can also boost children’s energy.

Fruits and Veggies

It’s known to everyone that fruits and vegetables contain lots of nutrients. Many do not know, however, how good those nutrients are to children’s dental hygiene. For example, apples, carrots, and celery help remove plaque through the process of chewing. Their crunchiness allows the teeth to clean themselves by getting rid of the substances that stick to the surface of the teeth.

Cheese and Low-Fat Dairy Snacks

The production and flow of saliva are important in cleaning tooth enamels; aged cheeses aid in this process. Try cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Swiss in your kids’ lunch or snack boxes to help them remove food particles from the teeth by generating good saliva flow. The same goes for skim milk, yogurt, and other low-fat dairy products, which also strengthen the teeth, thanks to the amount of calcium they possess.


Sugary juices and soda are the bane of a parent’s existence when it comes to their children’s diet. Try to train your kids to drink plenty of water instead. Tap water has fluorides, which provide protection against harmful bacteria caused by too much sugar. If your child has a sweet tooth, a steady habit of drinking water helps avoid dental decay.

It can be a challenge to keep your children from eating snacks that are bad for their oral health, but it’s important. It’s best to prepare their meals yourself, as well as bring them to a pediatric dental office for a regular checkup to ensure that their teeth, gums, and mouth are in good condition.


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