Things To Do With Baby Teeth After They Fall Out!

Wondering what to do with baby teeth after they fall out? So are many other parents! Discover saving baby teeth ideas like baby teeth jewelry and saving baby teeth for stem cells!

When my daughter lost her first tooth, on Thanksgiving Day, at our friend’s house, pulling it out herself, at just six years old, we were all so excited!

Losing baby teeth (also called milk teeth) becomes an obsession for kids around the ages of 5-8. Kids compare how many they lose, show off wiggly ones, and share what the tooth fairy brought them.

And it’s all in good fun. It’s a fun and exciting milestone for kids!

As a parent, as the “tooth fairy,” we are left not only figuring out what is a great tooth fairy gift, making sure we don’t forget to put it under their pillow the same night they lose the tooth, but also have to figure what to do with baby teeth!

Do we keep the lost teeth? Do we pitch them? Where do we store them and how? 

Every family will have a different answer, but there are some common things people do.

1. Throw Baby Teeth Away

When I asked people what they do with baby teeth on my Facebook page and personal profile, a majority of people said they throw them in the trash.

The reason many people did this was because they considered lost teeth to be gross. Second, they couldn’t imagine that someday their child would actually want to still have them! Some expressed horror at receiving their own teeth from their parents as adults.

2. Put Baby Teeth in a Drawer

Others said they simply toss the lost baby teeth into a plastic Ziplock bag and stash it in their underwear or sock drawer, mostly because they didn’t really know where to put it, or have a place to put them!

Some are smart and at least remember to also slip in a piece of paper with the tooth, or write on the outside of the bag the child’s name, what day they lost it, and what tooth it was.

3. Saving Baby Teeth for Stem Cells

Many scientists and health advocates encourage parents to keep their child’s baby teeth because they contain an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells which could later be harvested and used to help your child, should they get sick with certain cancers, illnesses or diseases.

In fact, there are sites and services that will bank and store your child’s stem cells for you, like However, such a service is NOT cheap. Store-A-Tooth costs $849-$1749 (payment plans available) along with yearly storage fees of $120. Other sites charge similarly.

But, stem cells harvested from baby teeth could help save your child’s life someday. So, it could totally be worth it.

4. Put Baby Teeth in a Box

Similar to putting baby teeth in a drawer, some parents put lost baby teeth into a jewelry box or porcelain box of some kind. With or without a baggy.

Some people actually buy a special Tooth Fairy box for holding teeth, or other baby teeth box, like the following:

5. Store Teeth in an Old Medicine Bottle

A unique place to put them is into an old edicine bottle. If you have multiple kids, be sure label each bottle with each child’s name. Really, be sure to label that the medicine bottle contains baby teeth rather than medicine, so you don’t accidentally swallow a tooth you thought was aspirin…

If you’re looking for alternatives to a medicine bottle, here are a few “prettier” options:

6. Bury the Baby Teeth

Akin to throwing out the baby teeth, some parents decide to bury their kids baby teeth. Why, I’m not exactly sure. I guess if we bury bodies under the ground, burying teeth makes just as much sense. And works toward completing that circle of life thing.

7. Use Baby Teeth in a Science Project

I’m pretty sure it was a homeschooler that told me this, but homeschooling or not, keeping baby teeth for your child’s future science project is a fun idea. You can see how various substances affect teeth (think colas, coffees, and teas) versus other liquids and chemicals.

8.  Personalized My First Curl & My First Tooth Keepsake Boxes

Rather than keep ALL of a child’s baby teeth, many parents like to just keep the first tooth. There are many “my first curl and my first tooth” gift sets out there that make for more heirloom-esque, sentimental, keepsakes than some of the other options in this article.

Here are just a few examples of these first tooth and first curl gift sets you can get:

So what do you think? What do you do with baby teeth after they fall out? Which of the above creative things to do with baby teeth appeals most to you?

source: “14 THINGS TO DO WITH BABY TEETH AFTER THEY FALL OUT!.”  by Katelyn Fagen  What’s Up Fagens Web. Nov. 11th, 2017.

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