Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Between Cadbury Eggs and neon-colored Peeps, children expect to see candy from the Easter Bunny, but this year you might want to skip the sweets. Sugary, sticky candy hangs on to teeth long after the taste is gone.

easter basket Sugar in candy combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create acids, which attack the enamel of your teeth. What tastes so great in the moment can lead to cavities and other dental problems down the road. And if you skip the sugar in your child’s basket, you might even avoid the sugar rush!

So this year, set aside “most” of the delectable goodies you usually put in your Easter baskets and choose some of these healthier alternatives:

Tooth Treats:

If your little one loves stuffed animals, Plak Posse Palz are soft toys with “real teeth,” so kids can practice brushing and flossing on a furry friend. Kids will also enjoy this Spider Man musical toothbrush – a super hero and music for twice the fun! For the princess in your life, check out the Cinderella electric toothbrush.

Healthy snacks:

Try placing decorated, hard-boiled eggs in your kids’ baskets. They’re a healthy snack and filled with protein to give energy to active kids. Or how about some fresh, colorful fruit – kiwis, mangos or clementines – for a delicious snack? Trail mix, yogurt-to-go and cheese sticks are also healthy fare. Popcorn balls have fiber and are low in sugar.

Fun stuff for kids:

Colored chalk and bubbles are fun for kids and will occupy them for hours. Play Dough, bouncy balls and stickers are also great treats for your little ones. Bunny graham crackers and sugar-free pudding cups are other good choices.

Fun stuff for teens:

Dried fruit or granola bars are a healthy treat. For girls, consider including gifts of nail polish, jewelry or fun accessories like lip gloss or perfume. Treat boys to a video game, book or puzzle. All teens like gift cards, ear buds or cool sunglasses.

Sugar-free gum:

Chewing gum creates saliva that helps wash away acids in the mouth, protecting teeth from cavities. But make sure it’s sugar free!

Whatever you choose for your child’s Easter basket, keep in mind that sugary foods can be tough on your teeth. And a healthy lifestyle is good every day of the year!

source: “Healthy Easter Basket Ideas” by Caroline Jacobson Delta Dental, Web April 1st, 2018.

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