Tooth Tip – Drinks And Foods To Eliminate

Good And Bad Foods

There are various lists of foods that are good and bad for the teeth but basically staying away from processed foods is your best bet. I know, easier said than done with kids!

“Cavities are caused by bacteria in your mouth.  The bacteria eat sugar and then make holes in your teeth.  Some sugars are more likely to cause cavities than others.  Processed sugars found in things like candy and soda are the worst.  Most people understand that eating candy and drinking soda will lead to cavities.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that many other drinks and foods are just as bad.  Sports drinks can have as much sugar as soda.  Packaged foods, like yogurt, can have as much sugar as candy.  In general, packaged foods are much more likely to have added sugar which increases the chances of cavities.

The solution is to try to eat foods that are not processed.  Processed foods like crackers, chips and other foods that come in packages.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are better than fruit snacks.  Grapes are better than raisins.

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