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healthy dental habits

Developing a Lifetime of Healthy Dental Habits

Developing Good Habits Early Your child’s dental habits are no joking matter. Remember, you are the example for shaping your child’s future dental habits. Here at Pediatric Dentistry of Pleasant Hill, we can help you and your child in developing a lifetime of healthy dental habits! Healthy Dental Habits Schedule a specific time, morning and […]

parent's guide

Dental Health For Kids: A Parent’s Guide

Dental health for kids is just as important as overall health. Understanding that your children’s teeth, including their baby teeth, need optimal care is the first crucial step. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of understanding that dental health for kids should start as soon as their first tooth erupts as an infant. Parents need […]

nutrition guide

Nutrition Guide: Keeping Children’s Oral Health Up to Par!

Children’s overall well-being is much dependent on their dental health. Oral diseases, which can occur due to neglect, can affect the children’s daily lives. Therefore, parents must be certain to provide their children with proper oral care. Believe it or not, good oral care doesn’t begin and end in the dentist’s chair. It starts right […]

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