Bruxism: What is it and how do I treat it?

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is just the technical term for teeth grinding. Coming from your child it can sound a bit disconcerting but it is common in children under the age of seven. It will typically stop after the permanent molars come through.

Why does Bruxism occur?

There are many reasons for Bruxism (teeth grinding) in children. The most common causes are pain from teething, earaches or an abnormal bite can cause children to grind their teeth in their sleep. Older children and teens can experience Bruxism due to school related stress when testing is involved.

Children who experience frustration with an inability to express it, children who are hyperactive or children with medical issues such as cerebal palsy may also experience teeth grinding.

The Downside of Bruxism

Teeth grinding can cause many problems such as wearing down the tooth enamel, chipped teeth and over sensitivity. If your has baby teeth your dentist may say there is nothig to worry about.

Older children may need a dental plan that includes tooth protection such as a dental guard, worn at night, so it doesn’t affect normal growth.

Talking to Your Pediatric Dentist

Be sure to tell your Pediatric Dentist if you or other family members notice your child clenching their teeth, Bruxism or if your child complains about having a sore jaw or face pain especially in the mornings.

Most kids outgrow teeth grinding but until they do it is best to keep an eye on them and have a plan in place to prevent damage and keep the situation in check!

We Look Forward To Welcoming You And Your Child…

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