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children's oral hygiene

The Importance of Children’s Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is about more than just having a good smile. Children who have good oral hygiene will generally be healthier and happier than children who have dental issues. Though many parents believe that oral care for children is of little importance due to children having baby teeth that they will lose, the truth is that […]

dental care topics

Dental Care Topics Video Shoot

Dental Care Topics! Today we had a very special visitor, Will Hawkins of Wilco Films!  He was here to help us shoot our new video series on dental care topics.  We plan to shoot a series of short episodes covering dental health topics, tips, conditions etc.  Over the new few weeks we are going to […]

oral health tips

Fall Friendly Oral Health Tips

The summer is now coming to an end. Swimsuits are being packed away and beach towels are being thrown to the back of the closet after another exciting summer season. With the fall calendar countdown about to begin, it’s important to understand how to maintain optimal oral health in the coming cooler months. Let’s look […]

travel tips

8 Travel Tips for Your Teeth

  Make Time for a Checkup Even when you’re dreaming about vacation, there’s no place like home–especially a dental home base. “Prevention isn’t only taking care of your teeth,” Dr. Messina says. “It’s establishing a relationship with a dentist.” If you can, schedule your next regular visit before your trip. “Have a thorough exam so we can […]

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