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Pediatric Dental Tips

Pediatric Dental Tips for Parents

Parents and caregivers can share tooth decay causing bacteria when they clean their child’s pacifier or bottle nipple by placing it in their mouths or when they share a child’s food and drink.  Clean bottle nipples and pacifiers in warm, soapy water and avoid sharing food and drinks with your children. Beginning at birth, clean […]


Zirconia White Dental Crowns for Kids

Zirconia white dental crowns are a highly esthetic and durable stainless steel crown alternative now available in pediatric dentistry. Until recently, children in need of  white dental crowns did not have the cosmetic dental options available to adults, however, with the introduction of pediatric white zirconia crowns, children are now able to have tooth restoration […]

permanent tooth

Permanent Tooth Eruption In Children

Viewed widely as a milestone for development and growth in children, the process of tooth emergence is extremely important to overall health and wellbeing. Permanent tooth eruption and proper oral care during this span of time, specifically, is crucial in the establishment and preservation of a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Our dental topics page provides other […]

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