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A Few Dental Care Tips for Teens

When you held that tiny new baby in your arms for the very first time, you knew it wouldn’t last. You knew that at some point, your tiny little baby would grow up. Now that tiny baby is a teen, and he or she is probably on the go all of the time. That doesn’t mean, though, that it’s okay to neglect good oral health now. You might want to offer your teen a few helpful tips now.

  • Regular dental visits are still important. To maintain good dental health, having your teeth checked and cleaned every six months is essential. Even though the schedule may be much busier now, there’s always time to keep up with good dental care.
  • Protection is a must. Many teens participate in sports, and protecting that smile is important. Teens should wear a mouthguard to avoid chipped teeth and a face mash when possible. If your teen wears braces, a nightguard can be important because one knocked-out tooth will undo all of the orthodontic treatment you’ve worked so hard to provide.
  • Diet matters. Teens thrive on sugar and carb-heavy foods, but it’s exactly this kind of diet that can damage teeth. Try to limit junk food consumption as much as possible, and you may even want to increase their intake of sugar-free gum to help promote saliva flow. The teen years are also the most likely time to develop eating disorders, and those can be a real problem for oral health.
  • No tobacco! Make this a rule in your house. Tobacco use, of any kind, means putting oral health at risk, so ensure your child knows the real dangers of tobacco.

Help your child realize just how important oral care can be, even in the teen years. Set up an appointment for your teen with us today.

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